1 month prior... (Harwulfe Prologue)

The Divine Slayer Harwulfe, Lord Paladin of Scaetha left Deathwatch to make his way to Aslov on political reasons for his order and to spread the word of his Patron so that worship may grow. On his way there traveling near the Withered Lands he heard rumors of a Priest of Hela starting to form an undead army to start raiding the area.

After some investigation Harwulfe found out where this lair was and made haste to purge the lands of this abomination of a priest and her servants. What he found was horrific. The tunnel lead into a small crypt with many undead and brutalized bodies. Harwulfe was successful in destroying all the undead as well as the Priest suffering some minor wounds in the process. Being a Lord Paladin and his duties to Scaetha he destroyed everything in the crypts and set it ablaze.

Word of his deeds did not go unnoticed and a warrior started tagging along with Harwulfe on his way to Aslov and started learning the ways of the Divine Slayers.



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