Lair of the Vermin Lord, Part 2

The group finally found the Priest of Vali and fought valiantly. The evil Priest was powerful and one of the brave heroes feel to his vile powers, Wyn Breakah is now with his goddess in the afterlife along with his bear.

Sandre took the evil totem of Vali and the heroes left the evil tunnels with their departed friend.

Lair of the Vermin Lord

After interrogating the Orc you found out that he works for the same Villain that Penda described and found out where his hideout is. Being the heroic fighters you are you asked the Mayor to pay for you to remove the lands of this problem and headed out to do so.

The caves were moist and smelled horrible but your fought your way through killing a vile Giant Rat King creature only loosing one companion the Bear of Wyn Brekka.

Your team make it to an area of the cave where it was now man made structures instead of natural caves…

Death in Dunross

The party first meets each other at the tavern of The Four Sheaves as they all answered the same calling to make some gold delivering goods from one town to another but they were not expecting what this little trip was to bring them.

After heading out the trip to Dunross was not safe. Being ambushed by Orcs, finding a tower with skeletons and blood everywhere and a dead body on the road also ambushed by Orcs. There they found out that Dunross was not safe and was being overrun by rats.

When they arrived at Dunross the letter was correct. After some investigation and gathering the flour the city came under siege by thousands of vicious rats. The party was able to only save 2 citizens on the way out but they made it out with the flour and their lives. Just as they were making it out the guards were setting the town on fire to burn all the rats and whoever was left inside to death… There was some suspicion around one of the other merchants from Dalsetter who pulled all his flour out a few days prior to the rat infestation.

The flour was successfully delivered to Dalsetter and the Baker paid the fees and they headed to their employers house to inform him what happened but had to relay it to the house keeper as he was not in town. The Mayor was also informed and the party rested for the night. With day break the team headed to meet with Penda Ranulfsunu to question why he pulled all his flour out and there is where they found he wasn’t directly behind it but was implicated with who did.

He took them to where the flour was as he wanted to help all he could with what happened and there they found some giant rats and Orcs attempting to do something with the flour but were stopped just in time!


5 exp for the adventure.

1 month prior... (Harwulfe Prologue)

The Divine Slayer Harwulfe, Lord Paladin of Scaetha left Deathwatch to make his way to Aslov on political reasons for his order and to spread the word of his Patron so that worship may grow. On his way there traveling near the Withered Lands he heard rumors of a Priest of Hela starting to form an undead army to start raiding the area.

After some investigation Harwulfe found out where this lair was and made haste to purge the lands of this abomination of a priest and her servants. What he found was horrific. The tunnel lead into a small crypt with many undead and brutalized bodies. Harwulfe was successful in destroying all the undead as well as the Priest suffering some minor wounds in the process. Being a Lord Paladin and his duties to Scaetha he destroyed everything in the crypts and set it ablaze.

Word of his deeds did not go unnoticed and a warrior started tagging along with Harwulfe on his way to Aslov and started learning the ways of the Divine Slayers.

Current Date and Temperture

Second Waescdaeg of Snaermonan, 499 IR. It is the middle of winter, and snow blankets the realm. The snow is only a few inches deep except in the hills, where it already lies as deep as three feet.

The temperature outdoors remains a chilly 15° F (–1 Vigor penalty) during the day and 0° F at night (–2 Vigor penalty).


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